Tuesday, 15 September 2015

LLB (Hons) Law

Hiii, my names Shahan, I am going into my second year of uni studying LLB Law.

Firstly, let me start by saying first that for anyone who thinks Law is hard… First year really is not. As long as you start to complete the work once it is issued and do the set work, you’ll be fine! Don’t get me wrong, it is stress, but speaking to class mates and lecturers for help really does take a lot off.

I enjoyed all of my modules, including Criminal Law, Contract Law, Crime and Problem Solving. Some required me to go to courts so it was really interesting. Except Public Law. I HATE POLITICS. Only thing I really didn’t understand and still don’t. Although, everything else was fun. [For all those looking to study Law, the course isn’t full of wannabe lawyers who are head deep in work and revision. They’re surprisingly normal people who are fun. Some people think it’s just full of workaholics but now you know it is not :)]. Second year I do not know. All I know is that I gotta put my head down!

Studying Law is not all work work work. There are assignments which are interesting and needs you to be active. An example would be to go to different courts to hear cases and write them up. If you really like Law, you’ll enjoy this because it’s nice to be in the court room every now and again rather than in lectures and seminars 24/7. Alongside this, I had the opportunity to go to Brussels in Belgium, to visit the European Parliament and we were given a speech by a politician (forgot the name, not surprising as I am not a fan of politics haha). The trip as a whole was really enjoyable and informative, we learnt a lot of things which may aid us in our studies with EU Law in the second year, plus me and all my uni friends got the limited spaces so we really enjoyed the experience together.

Coming to university is a hard decision to make, in different ways for different people, I am a family man, I put family before everything. The hardest thing I had to do to come university was to leave my little sister and move to London. With everyone else it was fine but my sister was only 1 and so I was scared she’d forget me. But all in all she hasn’t forgotten me and I'm gonna take it as fact that I’m the favourite older brother (I have two other brothers).

Also, remember, when people say first year doesn’t count… They’re wrong. If you are looking for internships and placements in year two/three, firms will look at results from past years when deciding if they will offer you a place! Chill, have fun, but do the work too or you’ll miss great opportunities like this to strengthen your work portfolio, which is really needed in such a competitive field of occupation.

Thanks for reading my post, bye byeess! :D

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