Wednesday, 16 September 2015

BA (Hons) Primary Education (with QTS)

Hi! I’m Charlie and I’m due to begin my third year of my Primary Education degree in September.

Upon beginning the degree at the University of Greenwich I was unsure of what to expect. My first week consisted of several ice-breakers and interactive tasks in order to get to know the tutors and other students on the course. Throughout the first year, it was interesting to see how learning to be a teacher was literally learning how to teach the knowledge we had already learnt. I always knew that maths wasn’t my strongest subject so the fact that the course covers all aspects of all subjects was extremely helpful in increasing my subject knowledge which, furthermore, boosted my confidence to teach these subjects.

It almost feels like being back at school by physically taking part in the subjects, for example, in physical education we are to wear our sports gear and take part in the warm up, main part of the session and the cool down which helps us to remember how we would be able to teach physical education lessons. Even on placement, taking part in lessons is encouraged – different from when I was at school when P.E teachers tended to command instructions whilst wearing their warm coats as we suffered in the cold! This makes lessons much more exciting, as when the teacher is showing interest in the subject, the pupils are too! All lecturers obviously know this due to all having taught in schools themselves, making tutorials and lectures much more stimulating!

Part of the course requires having a block placement each year, which has been helpful to put our knowledge into practice and to gain experience. This experience has been extremely beneficial to the teaching degree, as it is important to build up contacts and practice before graduating and applying for jobs! Throughout our placement, we have a lot of support from the university, including one-to-one meetings from a link tutor. Link tutors are extremely encouraging and ensure to meet regularly to discuss your progress and talk through any problems or worries that may have arisen.

I am now about to enter my third and final year at the University of Greenwich and, although I am excited to begin applying for jobs and working with children, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting a variety of people and throwing myself into university life – whilst ensuring to stick to deadlines obviously!

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