Sunday, 20 September 2015

BSc (Hons) Nursing (Childrens)

Hi I’m Lucy! I am studying children’s nursing and I have just finished my second
year! I am a part of netball when I get a chance outside of my studies and placements. I don’t actually play netball, I am just a social member. Although I do play waterpolo for London Polytechnic outside of university.

I lived on campus in halls during my first year at university and met all my friends there and made even more friends when I joined netball. I moved out of campus in second year and had to become an adult and pay bills! As of third year I am moving back onto campus!

Accommodation are very helpful and supportive in helping live on campus and always try to accommodate you the best they can. After having landlord issues and being unable to live in my flat anymore accommodation helped me move out as quick as possible and also the university helped me with any legal problems I had to face.

Children’s nursing is an intense course after starting in September I was already starting my first placement half way through October. Doing 12.5 hours three or four times in a row, nights or earlys and lates. Shift work is hard if you are not used to it.

At first I felt I had been thrown in at the deep end, however I now realise just how much I learnt and that placement is the best place for this. The children’s nursing department have always been there to help me with essays and struggles that I have faced throughout the program, I couldn’t have asked for a better personal tutor to help guide me through the past two years.

The past two years have flown by and I have learnt so much about the career path I have chosen and exactly what department I want to join. I can’t believe I am already nearly at the beginning of my third year!

I have seen so much at my placements. I have enjoyed placements working in assessment units, school nursing, health visiting, different children’s wards, A&E or urgent care. This isn’t even a small look at the placements that I could do and that my colleagues have done. I have thoroughly
enjoyed my time here and can’t believe the end is so close.

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  1. It is always tough going out on your own for the first time. Going to school and having your own place can definitely be tough. Glad to see you got through that situation.

    I remember my schooling being tough, but looking back i miss it a lot and wish I could go back to those days. It always feels good to know that you have chosen a good career path, though!

    Paul Quinn @ Med Care Pediatric