Wednesday, 9 September 2015

BSc (Hons) Psychology

(aka King Meme)
Having studied Psychology and an additional healthcare science related programme at an alternative institution prior to my engagement with Greenwich, I was unsure as of what to expect to begin with. Fortunately, our university is the seamless composite between; quality of taught content, its educational based delivery, and provided recreational space and groups for down time.

A diverse array of individuals are attracted to Psychology within Greenwich, many expressing their originating foundation of curiosity for pursuing the topic. These motives range from traumatic personal experiences to witnessed supernatural occurrences, never one the same in exact circumstance, but all inspiring from fascination to the individual and collective mind and psyche. To understand the un-seen process of humanistic decision making and cognition.

During our first year, myself included, many have struggled with features of the curriculum in its intricacy (never to be underestimated), most particularly statistics and research methods. A principal necessity for Psychology students, in order to conduct research so as to further expand our understanding, or mis-understanding, of subjectively perceived existence. Reassuringly to those whom may have fallen into despair at the thought of statistics, our academic tutors are professional, patient, and proficient. Should you surrender modest amounts of time to areas demanding further study, you will succeed within this discipline.

The inter-campus transport services are consistent and more often than not complimentary, almost if not unheard of within the M25! Central London is 25 minutes by Thames, more groups and societies than you can shake your textbooks at, the University of Greenwich will reward you with a rich academic and social experience should you graft when and where it matters. Work hard, Play hard. We are Greenwich.

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