Thursday, 10 September 2015

BA (Hons) Graphic and Digital Design

Jumana (Jam)
I am a London girl with a very dry sense of humor. My family pushed me to go to university but it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I chose to study graphic design because I am creative. Also I’m dyslexic so I can’t write essays. My blog is about the Graphic and Digital Design course at the University of Greenwich and how I found studying design at a London university.

Greenwich was my second choice for university because I knew I wanted to study with in London. I also did my research before I applied and found out that the Architecture and Design department was one of the best in Europe. The course its self was quite intense, we had a new project every month to be completed with a presentation and a crit every 3 weeks. In comparison to my friends who studied design at other unis it was a lot fuller, sometimes we had 2 or 3 projects to do at the same time. I really enjoyed it as I had the chance to tap in to my creative side and explore the different genres and techniques that come with it. It was also good because I got to build a large variety of work for my portfolio within a few years.

As it was a digital course, the outcomes where heavily computer based, however we were encouraged to use our hands and explore manual techniques like screen printing and mark making before finalizing our designs.

Studying in the Stockwell street campus was great because all our facilities where in one place, from the library, to the workshops and SBS printing, which is a franchise print and book binding shop in the building that works in partnership with the University of Greenwich.

Having an architecture and design building in the heart of Greenwich is a great opportunity to let your creativity flow. The rich history of the buildings, clocks (GMT) and culture of the area is utilized by the university as well as the thousands of tourists who travel down every year to view the museums, film sets and of course Cutty Sark, not forgetting the stunning view from the top of Greenwich park. As a student studying at the new Stockwell Street building, you are encouraged to incorporate the culture in to your work. The world renowned Greenwich market is also full of galleries and antique shops which is great for sketch book work and research when your lecturers make you do galleries visits (which is recommended for all design degrees). The end of year exhibitions are also a chance to show case your work to the public. It’s always good fun and something to be proud of!

Living in Greenwich is also great. The night life in and around the university is buzzing with energy from the historic pubs to the comedy clubs, to the boat parties all at your door step! There’s always something to do weather you’re on a budget or just want to go for a nice meal with a view.

I am grateful I got the chance to study my favorite subject at Cutty Sark, you can literally complete your 3/4 year course without ever having to leave the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

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