Friday, 2 August 2013

BSc (Hons) Sociology

Hi! My name is Manpreet and I’ve just competed my third and final year of my BA Hons Sociology course. I actually can’t believe how fast the last few years have gone! I still remember applying to the University of Greenwich and how I felt on being accepted – Elated!  

I've always been interested in the goings on of society and how it can be viewed from various perspectives and studying Sociology I was able to delve deeper into issues, as we are given the opportunity to conduct our own pieces of research, allowing us to come to certain conclusions which may never have been explored before. I came to the realisation that the study of Sociology heavily examines the ways in which we behave in society. It takes many variables into consideration in order to explain why we act the way we do.

The content of the course was so interesting and luckily all the modules had the ability to reflect on each other, meaning that I could effectively use the knowledge I had gained from one module towards the other. The lecturers are all extremely friendly and offer great advice when it comes to making choices in regards to which modules to pick and give such insightful feedback back in regards to coursework. I thoroughly enjoyed my Sociology degree and found the course experience along with general University life, helped me develop as an individual.

The course itself is consists of both coursework pieces and exams, which are most likely to be at the end of each academic year. Here’s a really good piece of advice: MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR COURSEWORK!! If you’re like me and prefer coursework over exams, let me tell you, they are a great way of getting marks which will add up nicely at the end of the year. I’d definitely say that one of the best things about this course is how clearly it is structured. At the beginning of each year, we were given a course handbook which outlines when the coursework deadlines will be, meaning that you will have more than enough time to prepare and research the area of which you wish to write about. Also, never underestimate the resources provided to you. Make the most of the library facilities and also ONLINE JOURNAL ARTICLES! They are a great source to reference from as you can find up-to-date and specific articles which are more likely to focus on your area of study.

One thing which I was and will continue to be thankful for is the support of the amazing academics. Being able to speak to them about anything that I may have been concerned about allowed me to shift my focus back onto the task at hand.

Manpreet :)