Friday, 5 July 2013

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Counselling

Laura R
When I was about 17 I remember UCAS came to visit my school for a few sessions to talk about Universities, beforehand I had never even considered going but I knew I always wanted to be a counsellor to help people when they need it most. Once I started to search universities I found Greenwich and because I only lived in Dartford and wanted to stay at home this choice seemed perfect for me. I came to visit the university on an open day and absolutely fell in love with it and the lecturers I met on my course seemed really approachable and seemed passionate about the subject, so I went on to make an application but due to the high UCAS points I had massive doubts that I would get in. However, on A-Levels results day whilst I was in Florida (of all places) my nan called me up and told me I’d made it to Greenwich and now going on into my third year, I couldn't be happier J. So let me tell you a bit about my course and what you can expect to study/experience for the first year:

Research Methods & Statistics – You will be introduced to the wonderful world of statistics which I did find the most challenging as I have never been great with numbers; however the lecturers on this module are so helpful and approachable that you find yourself understanding things which previously you wouldn't have dreamed of understanding.

Introduction to Psychology- This course is designed to introduce you to all varying aspects of psychology such as social, biological, cognitive, abnormal etc. This course is full of variety and some parts you will prefer to others but it is great because you get to consider areas you previously may not have.
Introduction to Counselling- This year of counselling is all about introducing you to the theories and looking at the different aspects of each type of counselling approach.

APD – This is all about you! And psychology as well of course, here you get me meet your personal tutors and look at subject areas that interest you whilst working on the skills needed to do psychology.

So the first year is all about introduction and getting you set up for the next two years ahead.  In your second year you will have another four modules named: Brain Behaviour & Cognition, Developmental & Social, Abnormal & Individual Differences, and finally Research Methods & Statistics 2. The second year is a challenge as the work load is higher however the modules are so interesting and really can help you gain a more in depth insight into the world of psychology.

And now here we are I am just about to go into my third year and honestly cannot wait as I have heard a lot of good things about it. So I have made my choices which will be Exceptional Human Experience, Adult Mental Health and Health Psychology, as well as these I will be doing Counselling theory and also be training in how to be a counsellor. As well as this I will be doing my dissertation so I have a lot of work ahead of me but I know it will be worth it. To keep up to date with how the course is going for me and what you can expect check out my regular blog for monthly updates J

BSc (Hons) Biological Science

Hi I’m Towsyn. I’ve just recently completed my degree in Biological Science at Greenwich. It was an amazing experience especially since I was a direct applicant who came in through clearing. I had completed previous years studying Biotechnology at Dublin City University in the Republic of Ireland. I didn’t like my course in Ireland and the people at Greenwich were nice enough to offer me a place in final year with my previous qualifications.

Everyone knows University of Greenwich is in Greenwich but don’t actually realise that the university has three campuses, two in London (Avery Hill in Eltham and Greenwich) and one in Chatham, Kent (Medway campus). Yeah I was really excited to move to London you know until I found out that my campus was based in Kent, as a science student. I wasn’t very happy about that as most of my friends were in London, but I went anyway and it turned out to be awesome. Medway is a really quiet town so it was ideal for studying. I lived on campus which was just perfect as I had easy access to my lectures and the library at all times. It was also really convenient for late night studying when needed (the library closed at 12am in term time and 3am during exams).

Final year is supposed to be the toughest and most stressful year of your undergraduate degree isn’t it? Not for me! This year happened to be the most “chilled” year for me as an undergraduate student. I was used to being bogged down with so much work in previous years but in Greenwich it was different. Don’t get me wrong I did have coursework to hand in every few weeks, exams to study for, tight deadlines, etc., but the help I got from the lecturers and classmates was immense. I had two three hour lectures a week in the first semester and same in the second semester (Monday and Thursday) plus a professional development module and dissertation, so there was a lot of study time and a long weekend (bliss J J), no excuses!

I particularly enjoyed the Pathophysiology of disease module as it gave us an insight into human disease, the causes, symptoms and treatment. I learned how to diagnose ailments from certain symptoms so it was really cool. I also liked it because there were no exams but we got to do case studies on different diseases and record our thoughts on them by relating different symptoms to possible illnesses. I’m more of a coursework person as opposed to exams as I tend to leave all my studying till last minute because of too much coursework, which is not advisable. I also enjoyed the Medical Microbiology module as we got to work in a group and create a wiki with information for a case study, and I was able to meet some great people who are my friends now, also this didn’t have any exams. As you can already tell, I got my highest marks in these. Hehe! The easiest 1st class grade I got had to be in the professional development module though. I really enjoyed evaluating myself and my future prospects. My employability skills have definitely been improved through this module.

I’ve only been here for 9 months and ideally I should be leaving but I will be staying to do my masters. So I will be here for an extra 12 months. Yay! I couldn’t imagine leaving the university just yet.

Toodles J J J