Tuesday, 8 September 2015

BA (Hons) Primary Education (2 - Year Accelerated)

Hi! My name is Jess and I have just completed my first year of the BA Primary Education (accelerated degree) programme. An accelerated degree means that we complete the full BA Hons in just two years instead of three, so the programme is quite intensive. It has been hard work at times when studying several modules simultaneously (with simultaneous deadlines!) but I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The traditional way for students to qualify in Primary Education would be to complete a three year course which would give them Qualified Teacher Status, so they can walk out as a fully fledged teacher, however I am glad I chose my course option for several reasons. Although we will not finish with QTS our degree takes two years, which gives us the opportunity to study a year long PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) in order to become a teacher, and the whole process still only takes the three years. PGCE's are not only a highly regarded post-graduate qualification, but they are also more commonly recognised all over the world, and as it is my dream to teach overseas, I am glad I decided on this course!

Instead of learning traditional subjects and how to teach them like most Primary Education degrees, my course allows me to think deeply about the meaning of education and the issues surrounding the education system in this country and around the world.

The modules in my first year have been interesting and insightful. We have studied Research Methods, Child Psychology and Development, History and Politics, Philosophy of Education, Global Perspectives of Education, Personalised Learning and Preparation for Employment and Further Study. My favourite module was Child Psychology and Development.  This course really piqued my interest in Psychology and how children learn. I particularly enjoyed writing my assignment on the importance of 'play' on a child's social and physical development. I will take what I discovered from research and composing this assignment on board in my future teaching career.

My course has confirmed in my mind that I do want to be a Primary School Teacher, so I will be pursuing a PGCE at the end of next year, however, not everyone on the course wants to continue on this path. The course has opened our eyes to other careers within similar fields such as Youth Workers, Education Officers in other settings such as museums or even (with post-graduate study) Educational Psychologists. Studying this programme has challenged me and made me consider 'What is Education?' and ethical issues which surround this vital human right. It has inspired me to try to make a difference to children's lives elsewhere in the world.

I can't wait to see what my final year holds!

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