Monday, 14 September 2015

BA (Hons) Primary Education (2 - Year Accelerated)

Hi. My name is Tazmin and I am studying Primary Education (2 - Year Accelerated). I'll be starting my 2nd and final year in September.

The course is 2 years and has allowed me to catch up with my year group as I had to retake a year during college.

I felt that this degree would be the perfect stepping stone into the education field as I was not sure if I wanted to pursue a teaching career, however my passion lied in primary education and working with children.

The fact that it is accelerated is a bonus, the subjects that are covered interest me, which prompts me to enjoy my assignments (at times). After completing a year, I find that some lecturers are better than others in conveying an appealing nature about the topics taught and discussed, however some are the complete opposite.For myself personally, I find that I don't always do as well in these assignments.
Personally I find this a major drawback, as it it is in total opposition to my expectations prior to starting the course, the perks of the course do outweigh this though. So after a rapid and exciting year, I have finally decided to apply for a PGCE after completing a year of my undergraduate study.

I have also had a great insight into what other options are available for me upon completing of my degree and PGCE. Also, you can take the PGCE with you anywhere in the world! So, I'll let time tell my journey, but I feel that it will be a good one with the career path I am on at the moment. :)

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